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Day: 2024-04-05

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.

— Frank Herbert


How Retool went from zero to a $3.2 billion company in 5 years
Episode 88

Applying the Yc formula to make a great company

Retool, founded by David Hsu in 2017, rapidly grew into a $3.2 billion valuation company by creating a low-code platform for internal software development, achieving $93.5M in annual revenue. Key strategies included targeting engineers with a more efficient tool-building solution, leveraging direct outreach, and refining their market approach, leading to significant early adoption and revenue growth through both outbound sales and a focus on product-led growth.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

Is it dangerous or better for movies and creative minds?

The tweet celebrates the first YC Demo Day entirely generated by AI, led by Lina Colucci of InfinityAI, highlighting a major milestone.


Apple Exploring ‘Mobile Robot’ That ‘Follows Users Around Their Homes’
Apple is exploring various “personal robotics” projects in an effort to create its “next big thing,” according to Bloomberg’s…

Will Apple sell me a 10,000 USD robot that cleans dishes?

Apple is delving into personal robotics with projects like a mobile robot that follows users around their homes and an advanced table-top device that moves its display, according to Bloomberg. These projects aim to navigate homes intelligently and could rival Amazon's Astro in home assistance.


Post-Neubrutalism: foreshadowing Figma’s next aesthetic ethos
The word is out that Solarpunk is in, at least according to Figma CEO, Dylan Field, at SXSW 2024. And there are clues as to why the…

Why do design trends change so rapidly?

At SXSW 2024, Figma CEO Dylan Field announced a shift in design ethos towards Solarpunk, a contrast to the previously favored Neubrutalism, using Tesla's Cybertruck and Rivian's R3 as metaphors for the transition from Cyberpunk's dystopian aesthetics to Solarpunk's more optimistic, natural designs.

Continues Improvement:

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says He ‘Doesn’t Think’ First Thing in the Morning: ‘Do Something Physical’
Arnold Schwarzenegger said that he ‘doesn’t think’ first thing in the morning during his panel at the 2023 Town & Country Philanthropy Summit.

How to stop thinking to go back to sleep?

Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his morning routine, emphasizing physical activity over thinking upon waking up. He begins his day caring for his pets, followed by a gym session, likening the post-workout feeling to a transition from a black-and-white to a colored movie. Schwarzenegger advocates for doing something physical in the morning to avoid negative thoughts and improve outlook, crediting this approach with his success in various roles, including fatherhood.