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FTX, Elizabeth Holmes, a new vacuum cleaner and Micky Mouse. Stay updated with tech news and innovations.
Happy new year!

Day: 2024-01-01

Whatever can happen at any time can happen today.



Startups Yearly: The biggest startup stories from 2023 | TechCrunch
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What was the most surprising story of last year? - 5 mins

In 2023, key startup stories included the trials of Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman-Fried, the murder of Bob Lee, and Mike Rothenberg’s fraud conviction. AI advancements and ethical concerns, especially with OpenAI’s GPT-4, were prominent. Surprises included Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse and the innovative Pathfinder 1 electric airship

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

How AI-created fakes are taking business from online influencers
Hyper-realistic ‘virtual influencers’ are being used to promote leading brands — drawing ire from human content creators

Is it wrong to create or to consume from a non existing influencer? - 3 mins

The Financial Times discusses the rise of AI-created virtual influencers like Aitana Lopez, who are reshaping marketing in the content creator economy. These digital avatars, used by brands for effective promotion, are causing concerns among human influencers about potential income loss and raise ethical questions about transparency, representation, and sexualization in digital marketing.


A First Look at Matic, the Reengineered Robot Vacuum
We spent some time with the prototype robot vacuum from two ex-Google engineers that will be available in March 2024.

Are vacuum robots at a local maxima of design? - 3 mins

The Wired article introduces Matic, a robot vacuum from ex-Google engineers, launching in 2024. It features a unique design for effective cleaning and user privacy, with advanced navigation and combined vacuum-mop functions. Matic aims to offer a more intuitive and efficient cleaning experience.


Disney’s earliest Mickey and Minnie Mouse enter public domain as US copyright expires
Disney’s copyright on the earliest version of the cartoon characters expires in the US on 1 January.

Creators can now use the mouse? - 3 mins

Continues Improvement:

The amateur does not know what to do. The master knows what not to do.

-James Clear

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