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Train Projects in Mexico Face New Obstacles: The Impact on the Environment

Train Projects in Mexico Face New Obstacles: The Impact on the Environment
Tren Maya

The Maya Train project, despite being frequently halted, has never been indefinitely suspended. This raises questions about the authenticity of environmental protection efforts. Despite numerous complaints, the project continues without full suspension. If proper environmental impact assessments had been presented from the beginning, the current situation of the project might be different. The construction of the Maya Train raises questions about the future of railway projects in Mexico in terms of environmental impact.

Recently, on February 9th in Mérida, Yucatán, a court granted a definitive suspension to Section 5 South of the Maya Train, demanding the government provide environmental impact studies. The order includes the submission of detailed construction logs and records, focusing on critical aspects such as cenotes, caverns, and protection against groundwater contamination. Additionally, information on incidents like collapses and the measures taken to address them is requested.

This measure emphasizes the need for transparency and adherence to environmental and safety regulations in the development of the Maya Train, especially in the section from Playa del Carmen to Tulum. The installation of steel pillars in water bodies has been particularly controversial, affecting both the underground structure and the quality of springs.