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Trains returning to Mexico

Sheinbaum is committed to reinstating passenger train services, including the Mexico-Guadalajara route
Trains returning to Mexico
Sheinbaum talking about trains

Claudia Sheinbaum, a presidential pre-candidate from the Morena party, is committed to reinstating passenger train services, including the Mexico-Guadalajara route. This pledge was made during a rally in El Salto, Jalisco, where she recalled her childhood experiences traveling on the Mexico-Guadalajara train. Alongside Claudia Delgadillo, a pre-candidate for the Jalisco governorship, Sheinbaum promised to focus on improving security, water, and public services. She emphasized the need for citizens to choose between continuing transformation or reverting to the past in the upcoming year.

Investing in train infrastructure in Mexico, akin to European models, offers numerous benefits. Trains are more environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions compared to car travel. They also alleviate road congestion and can be more efficient for long-distance travel within the country. This approach fosters better connectivity, potentially boosting tourism and economic growth in less accessible areas.

However, the risks are significant. High upfront costs and long-term financial commitments can lead to substantial debt. Effective management is crucial to avoid cost overruns and ensure timely project completion. The success of such projects also depends on regular maintenance and updating of infrastructure, requiring consistent investment. There's also the challenge of ensuring that these services are affordable and accessible to the general population, not just the affluent. Adopting a train-focused transport model requires careful planning, substantial investment, and a commitment to long-term sustainability and inclusivity.

Adopting a European-style train system in Mexico offers benefits like improved connectivity and sustainability. However, it's crucial to address the management and safety issues evident in Claudia Sheinbaum's handling of the Mexico City metro, where incidents like station fires and structural failures occurred. Learning from these past challenges is essential to ensure the success and safety of such large-scale transportation projects.